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Say goodbye to outdated and bulky HEPA filters and toxic chemical cover-ups! From your home, workplace, or on-the-go, you can now experience powerful purification in the palm of your hand with the new SafeAir™ Mini! Similar to the cleansing power generated by a thunderstorm, SafeAir™ electronically generates and releases active oxygen molecules to attack indoor pollutants such as odors, allergens, mold, and bacteria. Designed by our IAQ Experts, SafeAir™ Mini is an easy-to-use solution to rapidly purify indoor areas up to 500 feet and leave your space feeling naturally fresh.


NEW Professional-grade micro-air and surface purifier works like Nature Thunderstorms and Waterfalls to Banish Odors and purify the air, sanitize surfaces, and destroy germs  


Safeair Mini and Safeair Ultra is powered by Active PureAir Technology goes beyond collecting particles in a filter, our super oxygen technology literally destroys pathogens mid-air and on surfaces. Active Oxygen Technology is guaranteed to be 99.9% effective to inactivate mold, worst odors, germs, and viruses like in nature's thunderstorms, producing restored and cleansed fresh air: 


Safeair™ Mini or Safeair Ultra Wholehouse Purifiers are more than just another outdated HEPA-type filtration air purifier. Safeair™ Active Oxygen Technology like a thunderstorm in nature is guaranteed to be continuously effective at reducing airborne viruses and bacteria from the air and exposed surfaces. Our revolutionary design provides 24/7 cleaning coverage up to 500sq.ft with very low energy consumption (much lower than HEPA). 


Our Safeair™ family of natural chemical-free filterless products are powered by Active PureAir Technology that proactively cleans the air and exposed surfaces in homes, fitness centers, senior residences, hotels, schools, restaurants, churches, and other indoor spaces. 


Our popular micro-sized units are equipped with USB cords for use in cars, motor homes, camping trailers, and boats. Experience total confidence with our not 30 BUT 60-day risk-free trial, if you don’t love it well return 100% of your money no questions asked 


Safeair Mini & Ultra Air & Surface Purifiers
Professional-grade micro-sized air