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Say goodbye to outdated & bulky HEPA filters & toxic chemical cover-ups! From your home, workplace or on-the-go, you can now experience powerful purification in the palm of your hand with the new SafeAir™ Mini! Inspired by the cleansing power generated by a thunderstorm in nature, SafeAir™ electronically generates & releases active oxygen molecules to attack indoor pollutants such as odors, allergens, mold, germs & bacteria. Designed by our IAQ Experts, SafeAir™ Mini is an easy-to-use, revolutionary solution to rapidly purify indoor areas up to 500 feet & leave your space feeling naturally fresh within minutes! 


Unlike outdated HEPA purifiers that only collect particles, Safeair Mini technology takes purification to the next level with the power of activated oxygen technology (ozone) to literally destroy pathogens in the air & on most surfaces. This energy efficient method is guaranteed to be 99.9% effective to continuously inactivate mold, odors, germs, & viruses, restoring clean, fresh air throughout your indoor space. 


The puryfing power doesn't stop there! Now equipped with a USB cord power adapter option, SafeAir Mini can also be used at home & on the go! From cars, to RVs, boats & more, SafeAir is designed to be the perfect, portable purifying solution to refresh virturally any indoor space! 


View Inventor's Demo Video 

View SafeAir™ Mini User Manual

SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier - 3 Pack Bundle