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Our founder Mr. Julius Toth began his career in 1971 starting from the bottom up as a door-to-door Kirby Vacuum salesman. After studying the art of selling, Mr. Toth won the Kirby coveted award for selling 100 systems in one month. Julius then went on to open a chain of Toth's Healthy Home Environment stores with his headquarters based at the original EcoInventions location in Northeast Ohio.

Today, the EcoInventions team oversees the entire process of each “invented better” innovation from inspiration, design, manufacturing, and mass distribution. In addition to promoting healthy living products, our ambitions include cost savings and unique features exceeded only by the benefits of improved quality of life. 


Inspired by the recent pandemic, our team has officially launched a campaign to promote peace of mind for millions of us by introducing the world's most advanced anti-virus technologies that are Lab Certified to destroy infectious viruses and provide affordable clean air and surface solutions for homes, businesses, schools, healthcare, and other facilities. Today over one million users are living safer and healthier lives knowing their indoor space is protected continuously with our advanced technologies. 

We promise excellence not only in our sales processes but also by ensuring ongoing optimal support for customers, businesses, and facilities that use (and love) our products just as much as we do. We're glad that you've made it to our website and look forward to helping you discover something new to improve the quality of your life today!

julius toth

"Our mission is to promote optimal innovations for a healthier living environment. We're committed to providing technology that you can trust and support that you deserve." 
- CEO and EcoInventor, Julius Toth

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