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Dramatically improves indoor air quality up to 3,000 square feet.
Works with NASA-inspired PCO Technolgy used in the space shuttle.

SafeAir Ultra
SafeAir Mini

Using Proven Active Purification and PCO Technologies, as well as negative ionization. With new and improved 4th Generation Advanced Ionic Filtration Technology, the energy-efficient SafeAir ULTRA™ is optimal for vaporizing and destroying irritating odors, smoke, allergens, mold, and germs from the indoor air. 


Rapidly improves air quality in spaces up to 3000 square feet


Combines the power of activated oxygen and photo catalytic oxidation to destroy odors, allergens, and bacteria. 


Easy to use touch pad control panel allows you to program SafeAir's settings based on your space's size and purification needs. 



Unlike HEPA filtration systems and other outdated purifiers, SafeAir™ Ultra utilizes the powers of multiple proven technologies to purify, oxidize and ionize your indoor space

Out of this World Oxidation

Space Technology in your home is now a reality as SafeAir™ Ultra uses NASA-derived Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Technology to destroy biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses. PCO Technology has been proven to reduce dangerous pathogens by more than 99% in less than 24 hours by breaking down harmful molecules, rather than just covering them up.

Active Purification

​​Have you ever walked outside and smelled the air after a strong thunderstorm? That lingering, pungent, but pleasant aroma is caused by the release of activated oxygen. When Mother Nature releases a storm, these oxygen molecules are unleashed into the air to purify the Earth. With SafeAir™, you can now bring this same phenomenon indoors by electronically generating powerful O3 molecules that are unleashed into your space to cleanse your indoor air and surfaces! 

Negative Ionization

Also linked to nature, negative ionization also plays a major role in SafeAir™ Technology. Negative ions are invisible, scentless, and tasteless. But, your body can sense when there is an abundance. That refreshing and energizing feeling you get at the beach or near a large body of water is because of negative ions in the air outside. However, indoor levels of negative ions tend to be lower than outdoors, which is where SafeAir Ultra comes in handy to help revitalize not only your indoor space but also uplift your mood and well-being.

SafeAir Ultra

SafeAir Ultra

Combining multiple purification powers in one device, including NASA-derived PCO Technology and naturally inspired Active Purification Technology, SafeAir™ Ultra is your ultimate solution to not cleanse the air you breathe, but also the surfaces you touch! Customizable settings allow you to personalize your purification experience and renew spaces up to 3,000 square feet so that you can use SafeAir™ Ultra throughout your entire home or space to create a fresh, renewed air experience!


$797 + Free SafeAir™ Mini with Purchase

"I love my new SafeAir™ Ultra. I love the new PCO addition as well as the odor-killing technology which I use 24/7. My entire home smells fresh, clean, and invigorating. I can breathe deeply once again without my allergies flaring up indoors. I am telling everyone I know about this amazing purifier."

- Dan C. (Verified Customer)

SafeAir Ultra

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